Exporters must get a Registration-cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC) in order to receive Customs and Excise rewards, according to the Foreign Trade Policy. As required in FTP or HBP Vol 1, it is published by Export Marketing Councils/Commodity Boards/Development Authorities or other responsible authorities. MPEDA has been recognised as the authority responsible for issuing RCMC to seafood exporters. Unless otherwise indicated, the RCMC will be assumed valid on April 1st of the licence year in which it was issued and will be valid for five years, terminating on March 31st of that year.

RCMC Suitability

This certificate can be obtained by anyone who is applying for one of the following reasons :

  • Import/Export Permit for Restricted Goods
  • To apply for welfare or concessions under the Foreign Trade Policy (FTP), such as duty drawback, duty credit scrips, and so on.
  • The Spices Board's Certificate of Registration as an Exporter of Spices (CRES) will be used as the RCMC, and no other RCMC will be used with any other Export Promotional Councils (EPC).

How to File an Application

Form ANF 2C is used to submit an application to the relevant Export Promotional Council (EPC). The merchant exporter and the manufacturing exporter are the two types of exporters that can be registered. A proof justifying the choice of the Manucaturing exporter must be presented.

Required Documents

The required documents to submit with the application form are listed below:

  • Copy of the IEC Number granted by the relevant regional licencing body that has been self-certified.
  • Registration-cum-Membership-Certificate application form, properly filled out and signed.
  • Copy of the Partnership Deed that has been self-certified (For Partnership company and Individual Ordinary).
  • Proof of GST registration certificate that has been self-certified.
  • The ‘Services Export Promotion Council' membership cost must be remitted by Demand Draft in New Delhi or by cheque payment at branches by remitting the subscription fee.
  • If the identity of the signing authority is not specified in the IEC/ MOA/ Partnership Deed/ Trust Deed of the company/ firm/ Trust, a self-certified document of the Board Resolution or Power of Attorney filed in favour of the signing authority.
  • Copy of the Permanent Account Number (PAN) issued by the appropriate authority that has been self-certified.
  • The company's Chartered Accountant must certify the last three years' Services Export Data (Foreign Exchange Earnings).
  • For corporate/institutional/private limited/limited companies, a self-certified copy of the company's MOA is required.
  • A self-certified duplicate of the registration certificate by the Registrar of Companies in connection with the change of the company's registered office.
  • For Trusts, Institutions, and Corporations, a self-certified version of the Trust Deed is required.


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