A social security system of Provident Fund was developed to encourage employees to save and to benefit them in retirement. PF contributions are made monthly by both the employer and employee. Except in certain circumstances, an employee can only withdraw his or her PF contributions during the period of employment.

Employers who are PF registered are required to make PF returns on a monthly basis. Each month's PF returns must be filed by the 25th. In this section, we'll go over the various forms used to file PF returns. Using the Unified site, employers may conveniently file the PF return.

Form 2

Under the Flagship scheme of the Employment Provident Fund and the Employment Family Pension Scheme, Form 2 is filed as a declaration and nomination. If you're joining a company, you must fill out Form 2. With Form 5, you must submit this form. Form 2 is divided into two halves. - Part A and Part B

Part A : If the account holder passes away, Form 2 Part A asks for the names of the beneficiaries who will receive the EPF balance. Here you must include the following information:

  • Subscriber's name and address
  • Relationship with Subscriber
  • Age
  • Money to be paid to the nominee
  • Information about the Guardian ( In case the nominee is a minor)

A signature or thumb impression is required at the end of the section.

Part B : It's important to include in Part B all of the information about the nominee that was provided in Part A. Members who are qualified for the children's/pension widow's must also be listed.

Once again, this part must be signed or a thumb impression must be taken at the end.

Annual PF Return Filing

In any given year, the annual returns must be filed by the 30th day of April. These are the forms that must be used to file the yearly PF returns are as follows :

Form 3A

The Employee Provident Fund and Employee Pension Fund contributions made by the subscriber or members and their employers in a year are shown on Form 3A. Every member of the programme contributes to the data collection. The plan will also include the following information -

  • Account Number
  • Subscriber's name
  • Name of the father or husband
  • Establishment's name and address
  • The legal contribution rate
  • A voluntary contribution, just in case.

The employer's signature and seal must appear on the Form 3A.

Form 6A

Each member of the institution is required to submit a Form 6A, which is a consolidated Annual Contribution Statement (ACR). The following information must be included in the form:

  • Account number
  • Subscriber's members' names
  • Wages, retention allowance if any, and the D.A that includes the monetary worth of the food concession that is paid during the currency period.
  • The amount of the contribution that is deducted from the employee's pay.
  • Incentives provided by employers (Both EPF and Pension)
  • Refund of the advance
  • The rate of the higher voluntary contribution (If there is any)
  • Remarks

In addition, the following information should be included in the field for the amount remitted:

  • The contribution's month of origin
  • Remitted contribution, which includes refunds of loans.
  • Contribution of EDLI
  • Contribution to Pension Funds
  • Charges administrative
  • Contributors in the aggregate


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