MSME stands for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises. It is a government initiative aimed primarily at delivering benefits to medium and small-scale entrepreneurs in order to help them grow their enterprises in today's highly competitive environment.

MSME refers to any business with a revenue of less than 1,20,00,00,000. Analysts believe that these are the foundations of any country's economy. These aid the market in ensuring that wealth is distributed fairly. As a result, the Indian government provides MSMEs with several subsidies, incentives, and other benefits. The MSMED (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development) Act accomplishes this. To take advantage of these perks, a company must first register with it.

The MSME scheme gives loans to budding entrepreneurs, aiding them in establishing their firms by eliminating their financial difficulties.

CRITERIA Investment and Annual turnover
MICRO Greater than Rs. 5 crore and less than Rs. 1 crore
SMALL Greater than Rs. 50 crore and less than Rs. 10 crore
MEDIUM Greater than Rs. 250 crore and less than Rs. 50 crore

MSME Registration Documents

  1. Personal Aadhar card number.
  2. Name of the business.
  3. Address.
  4. Details about your bank account, and some general information
  5. For the same, the enterprise's owner can give self-certified certificates.
  6. After completing and uploading the form, the owner will receive a registration number.
  7. This procedure does not necessitate any registration fees.

Other Documents :

  • Address Proof of the Enterprise - An allotment letter, a possession letter, and a property tax receipt or lease deed are all you'll need. If your business is based in a rented property, the landlord may be able to issue a No Objection Certificate if the space is owned by the landlord.
  • Sale Bill or Purchase Bill - The company must submit copies of the invoices for the products/services it sold, as well as copies of purchase invoices for the raw materials it bought.
  • Partnership Deed, Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association (MoA and AoA) - If the business is a partnership, it must present a certificate of incorporation, partnership deed, and Memorandum of Association. If the company is a corporation, the Certificate of Incorporation and Articles of Association must also be submitted. The Department of Commerce must receive the application.
  • Licenses and Bills of Machinery - The proprietor of a business may be required to submit a copy of the government's industrial licence. If necessary, the owner may be requested to submit copies of bills and licences relating to the purchase and installation of machinery, equipment, and other items.

How to Register with MSME Act

  1. To register for MSMEs, you must go to the scheme's official website.
  2. Your Aadhar card is the only document required.
  3. On your investment and turnover, you must also include your PAN and GST information. All other information will be gathered from the government's database.
  4. Check the government portal for changes and provide the necessary documentation.
  5. MSMEs can be registered on the government of India's website.

MSME's can register under one of two categories, according to the information provided on this portal :

  • For the first time, entrepreneurs who have never been registered as MSME previously.
  • Entrepreneurs who have already registered as UAM or EM-II, as well as those who have registered through assisted filing.


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